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In daily work, all of us are faced with different situations which we try to solve using our competencies. The kind of these situations vary depending on the kind of business our organization is involved, our job position, kind of work we perform etc. On the other side, contemporary approaches mostly are focused on competencies definitions or/and behaviors which they represent.

Our experience tell us that there is a gap between competencies definitions and "real work", contexts in which people act and are seen. It means that people who complete competencies assessment have to translate definitions and/or proposed in survey behaviour into real situations. What even more important, those who receive assessment reports have to translate their findings, suggestions into real work, have to imagine how they should act in the real situation. Our thesis is that if we put real situations in the heart of the competency assessment, which will contribute to better accuracy of the competency, facilitation of the feedback reception and better quality of development plans.

Therefore the core point of our project was to create a set of ready-to-use tools enabling contextual competency assessment and having solid scientific background in the Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts.



We proudly announce that Agile Based Competency Management Project has just been completed with positive final summary from Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

We encourge you to review Project results such as articles, video tutorials and e-learnings.