European Qualifications Framework (EQF) defines the qualification as a combination of three elements:

  1. knowledge
  2. skills
  3. and social competence. 

While the level of knowledge and skills is relatively easy to identify using traditional methods (e.g. exams, tests), so the measurement of social competence is not so easy. Previously used personality tests and other tools, always referring to personality theory, try to answer the question: who is the test person.

We make a step further, trying to answer the question: who is a person in the context of his work. As a result, the effect of the social competence measurement (treated as one part of the qualification) is more meaningful and more valuable for the assessor.

What are the objectives?

Therefore the primary objective of the project is to create, describe and evaluate Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts and provide any tools for its practical use in enterprises.
The project pursues the following specific objectives:

  • development of enterprises and individuals by providing a complete tool of competency assessment and competency, compatible with the EQF
  • exchange of good practices from Partners working in the project as well as other local Partners
  • creation od a flexible tool (application), allowing the development of qualifications in the context of the work and creating flexible development pathways

Who will  benefit?

Agile Based Competency Management project, especially the use of tools (set of situational cases, Knowledge Pills, application) based on the Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts, will contribute to strengthening potential of both organizations, by more precise and adjusted competency assessment, and individuals, by building an awareness of current development of chosen competencies. The list of beneficiaries is presented below:

  • Companies wishing to conduct an assessment of the competence of employees
  • Consulting companies conducting competency assessment projects for clients
  • Scientific institutions offering competence management courses
  • Students, graduate students, participants in courses whose program includes competence management
  • Individuals eager to know their strengths and weakness in terms of competencies