PROFES is one of the biggest training companies in Poland. They specialize in consulting in management and sales area including: developing, optimizing and standardizing the business process, developing and optimizing the Sales and Customer Care Systems based on standards, implementing management systems and standards using training, coaching, audits etc., building an internal structure which can sustain and improve standards. PROFES also develops competences via training using different forms: workshops, coaching, follow-up etc.

Contact: biuro@profes.com.pl
Website: www.profes.com.pl

The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz, founded in 2003, aims to link researchers and institutions from diverse research areas in order to pursue and support common research, development and intermediation activities. The core fields of expertise deal with social, cultural, political, ecological and economic issues in addition to more general issues in connection with the internal and external relations within the European Union, in particular the integration of Europe with respect to the enlargement of the European Union. The Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz has extensive experience in evaluating projects, applications and products in a multitude of different projects and programme lines including acting as evaluators for the LLP on national level for National Agencies and on European level for example for the EACEA.

Contact: info@merig.org / brigitte.zoerweg@merig.org / johann.laister@merig.org
Website: www.merig.org

Hominem Challenge is a Spanish independent organisation operating within the fields of business consultancy, management skills training and education. In the area of business consultancy, we primarily provide flexible consultancy services that match with the needs of organisations, mainly SME´s. We provide high value assistance in aspects such as: improvement of their productivity by acquiring new working habits and tools, , development the internal human capital by using innovative learning methods, technical and business assistance for penetrating new international markets and accessing a higher level of diversification. In the area of management skills training, we offer a wide portfolio of management courses. Our courses are all tailored to suite each SME needs and delivered by our team of permanent trainers and a selected team of external consultants. Some of courses offered are: leadership skills, conflicts resolution, intercultural skills, developing a successful business plan.

Contact: info@hominemchallenge.com
Website: www.hominemchallenge.com

What is e-peers? Explanation it simple: it is a new solution in terms of the development of business competencies. The company was established in 2012 as response to the search for a comprehensive tool for the diagnosis and competence management - either individually or as part of the organization. E-peers is a space that gives the ability to define, plan and manage the path of development by specifically tailored individual competency assessment. It is also a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, enabling recognition and support the development of talents. E-peers is a place both for individuals and organizations who want to take care of the talent management system. It is also a space for trainers, coaches, training companies, publishers - suppliers of all kinds of products which support the development of the business -  a place for contact with a potential customer.

Contact: biuro@e-peers.com
Website: www.e-peers.com